Getting laid off… This situation usually sucks regardless of if it comes unexpectedly or not. Recently I was laid off from my job. Any sympathizers? Although the one good thing about these situations is that they usually don’t attribute a personal failure to you. Layoffs often happen because the company is under financial pressure to […]

You need to know how to market yourself. So if you’re going to market yourself, you need to have a rough idea of the job market you’re aiming for. You need to ask yourself some questions first. What are your areas of interest? An initial idea is important so you know what companies to target. There’s no […]

The before, during, and after interview to do list. Employers are cutting back, so job searches are now even harder. We all know this. But I feel like at one point I lost sight of the fact that employers should have to work to get the employee too. When I finally realized this, it reversed […]

Cover letters Cover letters offer you a chance to personalize your application. They say more than your resume can. Hahaha, but that doesn’t mean I like writing them! Sometimes I just sit there forever with a blank computer screen. What am I really suppose to write about? Hours go by, still haven’t written a thing. The thing […]

Your looks say a lot about you. It’s not always right, and can lead to unfair judgements but it’s true. You have to look good. Plus deciding what to wear to an interview is a fun aspect of job searching. Selecting the perfect outfit gives you a chance to imagine yourself in a new role and […]

Definition of a Call back: An invitation to return for an interview. They usually play out something like this: 1. The phone rings. No. For once it’s not your mom asking you to unload the dishwasher. 2. You answer the call on the first ring, and get greeted by an unfamiliar voice. 3. The unfamiliar […]

Trying to find a job is hard. Unless you’re “connected”. If you’re not, the search can become really frustrating. It’s means putting yourself out there for a possible rejection and that stinks. Before I get ahead of myself, you can only get rejected IF you are actually given the chance to be rejected. Make sense? What […]